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Monty & Nick Strecker

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Contract Recipiant

Family Farms Group - July 2018 - O'Fallon, IL

TechCon Seminar - Nov. 2018 - Salt Lake City, UT

Kansas Healthcare Association - Sept. 2018 - Wichita, KS 

John Deere JDUG - February 2018 - Atlanta GA

The Camera Brothers' Public Speaking

The Camera Brothers, Jake and Nick Strecker love spreading the word and educating audiences across the country about the benefits of our technology. Sharing real life experiences, the brothers present with a back and forth dialog between each other and the audience sharing a high level of I.T. expertise in a way that is both entertaining and applicable to the audiences' industry. For more information please call the office and ask for Nick or Jake to come speak at your next event! (620)564-3766

Kansas Adult Care Executives - Aug. 2018 - Wichita, KS