Avigilon Access Control On-Premise

Enhance security with Avigilon Unity Access

Protect your people, properties and assets with a scalable and reliable on-premise access control solution.

Simplify access

Turnkey on-premise access control

Unity Access provides a fast installation experience with on-premise access control server appliances that are ready to go as soon as they are plugged in.

100% browser-based
Upon login, the browser and Linux-based design allow for instant changes and improvement updates without requiring any software installation.

Simple navigation
Easily navigate and manage access control operations with a user-friendly interface.

Manage from anywhere
Respond to alerts from anywhere with this mobile-enabled solution. Use the mobile app for daily operations and critical event responses on the go.

Scale operations

A scalable on-premise access control solution

Unity Access is built on an open architecture, supporting open-platform hardware that leverages a breadth of trusted solutions from leading manufacturers to provide an end-to-end security solution.

Seamless integrations
The RESTful API and open-platform hardware support enables seamless integrations with Motorola Solutions and third-party devices and solutions.

Scalable deployment
Designed to grow with the organization, Unity Access enables system expansion by adding doors and replicating data to additional appliances.

Secure system
Unity Access hardware is built on Linux, which minimizes virus threats and eliminates expenses on operating system licenses and upgrades.

Take action

Efficient identity and alarm management

Track individuals in real time, streamline alarm management and manage role-based identities all in a single on-premise solution.

Real-time tracking
Track identities in real-time using badging activity to locate their whereabouts inside and outside a facility, at a muster point or virtual station.

Easily prioritize alarms
Get audible alerts and colored indicators to prioritize alarms. View associated live and recorded video, enter notes and clear alarms in one place.

Manage identities
Assign and manage role-based identity access to facilities. Print employee and visitor badges and issue mobile credentials directly from Unity Access.