Mining Security Solutions

Solving mining security challenges

Your security needs are complex, ranging from quarry site access to mine monitoring to employee safety. Avigilon's mining security solutions are intelligently designed to protect your people, property and assets.

Stay aware

Know whats happening at your mine

Mining site security cameras play a crucial role in the safety and security of your workers, machinery and equipment.

Achieve superior situational awareness
A quarry surveillance system provides live video mine monitoring capabilities so you can see what’s happening across your site in real time.

Gain peace of mind with resilient solutions
Avigilon's rugged video security cameras can withstand dust, debris, wind and vibration while allowing you to see through darkness and poor weather conditions.

Limit access to restricted areas
Avigilon's mining access control system integrates with video security so you can review live video alongside access events to verify the identity of a person.

Streamline operations

Manage your system with ease

Mining operations security systems can help make day-to-day tasks faster and easier to help increase your productivity.

Improve operational efficiency
Prevent overloaded conveyor belts by linking your load sensors to video security cameras so you can review video to verify alarms before responding.

Manage your system remotely
Manage and perform updates to your mine and quarry security systems through the cloud to keep your system running smoothly while minimizing travel time.

Bring connectivity to your sites
With twice the capacity* and up to four times the range* of Wi-Fi, Nitro CBRS Private LTE lets you do more with less.

*Based on 802.11a standard for 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi using similar channel bandwidths.

Ensure safety

Detect threats and verify incidents

Limited personnel and resources can be alleviated with video analytics that can help you detect potential threats, prioritize information, search through video and investigate incidents faster.

Find what you’re looking for faster
Leverage technology that sorts through video with ease to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across your entire site in real time.

Receive critical alerts
Avigilon's mining security systems leverage video analytics to detect and flag unusual activity so you can proactively respond.

Investigate claims
Search through volumes of video with ease to quickly locate footage of an accident so you can further investigate and provide evidence for claims.

Avigilon technology to protect your mine

Find the right mine and quarry security solution to help you ensure safety and security, from the initial detection of potential risks to response and investigation.

Why choose Avigilon

Avigilon's integrated mining site access control and video security technologies are designed to help you protect what matters most — your people, property and assets.

Greater visibility, no matter the condition
Avigilon's mining video security cameras use IR and Wide Dynamic Range to help you see through dust, debris, poor weather and darkness so that you can maintain awareness of your site under any conditions.

Technology that instantly alerts
Avigilon's mining surveillance system features cameras that can identify breaches in your perimeter for your review to reduce false alarms and respond quickly when necessary.

Occupancy counting analytics
Prevent overcrowding with occupancy counting analytics that alert you if too many people congregate in a single area so that you can take action.

Products for mining security systems

Explore Avigilon's wide range of video security and access control products designed to help you secure your mine and protect workers.

Avigilon Unity Video

An intuitive, AI-enabled video management platform to bring you the most critical information, ensuring you never miss a moment.

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H5A IR PTZ Camera

Resistant to water, corrosion, dust and impact and its built-in IR illumination brings light to complete darkness.

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H5A Thermal Camera

See beyond the perimeter with powerful heat-sensing technology and built-in video analytics.

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NVR5 Premium

Meet regulatory storage requirements with maximum capacity, retention and throughput to provide secure, reliable and scalable platforms.

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Avigilon Unity Access

Achieve physical security at every entry point with Avigilon's browser-based solution, offering you the flexibility to respond from anywhere.

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H5A Rugged PTZ Camera

Reliable in the harshest conditions, achieve 360° PTZ views and up to a powerful 36x zoom, backed by an industry-leading protection rating.

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Compliance and Certifications

Avigilon’s end-to-end security solutions are compliant with global government regulations and built on a trusted, cybersecure platform ‒ all designed to help you focus on what matters most.

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