Retail Security Solutions

Solving retail security challenges

Learn how leveraging retail store security cameras, access control and consumer intelligence protects your employees and bottom line.

Prevent loss

Stop theft in its tracks

Improve your loss prevention strategies with a retail store security system that allows you to control access, stop theft with a store alarm system and oversee every activity in a store.

Observe movements in real time
Video for in-store security helps you observe employee and customer behavior in real-time to detect suspicious activities as they occur.

Control employee and customer access
Leverage access control for retail store security to confirm credentials, set schedules and regulate access for loss prevention and liability claims.

Integrate retail store alarm systems
Connect video cameras and readers to alarm systems for shops to deter theft, respond to incidents immediately and minimize false alarms.

Protect assets

Secure property, people and data

Integrating your retail store security systems and merging with cybersecurity strategies ensures your customers, staff, inventory and data remain secure.

Oversee inventory with smart analytics
Track inventory and prevent false liability claims with analytics that allow operators to monitor the movements of goods and search events by objects.

Enhance security with video and access
Locate people and vehicles in their precise locations with video analytics, and combine with access control to monitor staff and mitigate security incidents.

Keep data safe
Protect your retail network with the strongest end-to-end encryption and alerts against tampering, ensuring that all exchanged data are secure.

Manage with ease

Streamline in-store security procedures

Effortlessly manage your retail store security system with a flexible platform that allows operators to oversee all systems in one single interface.

Efficiently manage employee turnover
Instantly issue or revoke employees’ access credentials using a cloud-based platform that allows for remote credential management.

Integrate security technologies
Manage all security systems for retail stores on a single platform, including your retail alarm system, inventory tracking and timekeeping systems.

Scale your retail operations
Conveniently add users, new locations and devices to a store security system network with just a few clicks, and manage from anywhere.

Avigilon technology to secure your retail space

Discover advanced in-store security system features to keep your retail locations safe and improve the customer experience.

Avigilon Unity for retail

Avigilon's on-premise retail security system suite, Avigilon Unity’s advanced in-store security technologies provide customers and staff with a safe shopping environment while helping prevent loss and theft.

Self-learning video analytics
Pervasive video analytics track goods and monitor the movement of merchandise as vehicles leave warehouses, and show precise locations of people to observe staff behavior.

Protect employees from abuse
Seamless integration with Motorola Solutions VT100 body-worn cameras for staff instantly alerts operators to verbal or physical aggression and provides valuable footage for audits and liability.

Avigilon Unity Appearance Search™
Avigilon's AI search engine enables you to quickly locate retail security system footage of a person or vehicle of interest across multiple sites by entering a physical description.

Cloud management capabilities
Leverage Avigilon Unity cloud capabilities to let security teams control access and oversee activities in real-time from anywhere, at any time.

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Cloud-native retail security

Avigilon Alta’s cloud-native access and video retail security systems are equipped with AI-powered analytics and real-time reporting to enable fully remote management for all your store locations.

Avigilon Alta Smart Presence™
Mapping with precise location information helps store operators optimize traffic flow and understand consumer behavior.

Avigilon Alta Smart Search™
Accurately search retail security system footage by appearance, events, objects and similarity to locate a person of interest in a crime, missing person or lost belongings in minutes.

Real-time occupancy tracking
Get instant alerts for in-store occupancy counts and queue detection to help retail staff better serve customers and improve your operations.

Flexible access options
Keep staff areas secure with PIN-based and touchless mobile entry options, plus seamless integration with retail store alarm systems and parking gates to extend security beyond the front door.

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Recommended products for retail security

Explore Avigilon's complete range of video security and access control products for protecting stand-alone stores and shopping centers.

Avigilon Smart Keypad Reader

Unified school access control with PIN access and flexible lockdown to maintain security during school hours and after.

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Avigilon Video Reader Pro

Multi-technology Smart Reader with built-in HD video camera for visual verification of every access event.

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Avigilon Unity Video

An intuitive, AI-enabled video management platform to bring you the most critical information, ensuring you never miss a moment.

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Avigilon Unity Access

Achieve physical security at every entry point with Avigilon's browser-based solution, offering you the flexibility to respond from anywhere.

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H5A Fisheye Camera

Superior situational awareness with no blind spots and built-in video analytics to proactively detect critical events.

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Compliance and Certifications

Avigilon’s end-to-end security solutions are compliant with global government regulations and built on a trusted, cybersecure platform ‒ all designed to help you focus on what matters most.

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