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Contract Recipiant

INA Alert Service Agreement

Knowing that your system’s health is being looked at daily is a nice assurance all while understanding that if your system doesn’t feel well a tech will be looking at your system to resolve any situations quickly and effectively.

Having an Managed Service Agreement is an inexpensive way to buy monitoring and care for the health of your system.
Daily diagnostics and on-site tech support are two valuable benefits of our Advanced Service Agreement.

The cost is based on your system, call today to discuss your options 620-564-3766. 

The Diagnostic Service Agreement
Diagnostic Service Agreement provides daily checks on the health of your system.  This includes automated and manuals checks to make sure all cameras, servers, hard drives, and network connections are in place.  

Managed Service Agreement
The Managed Service Agreement is a contract that waves technician fees and offers discounts on future supplies and accessories. Canceling your MSA means that you will not be charged at the next anniversary of your agreement. An added bonus is the immediate 10% discount off any new equipment & cameras.