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Responding to customers’ requests, INA Alert is proud to offer our unique, customized monitoring service to those who purchase our camera system. Another exciting feature is that some of our technology can be made available for your own in-house monitoring, great for facilities where privacy laws are in place.

Here’s how our Remote Security Monitoring Solution works:

  • Video analytics and sensors detect motion or other activity on a property. INA Alert Operators are notified and review snapshot images of the area. When further action is needed, the operator then views live video to assess the situation.
  • Our operators quickly and carefully investigate and, if the situation warrants, will notify the police and/or notify the client with their assessment, per the client protocol. With our advanced monitoring, events are logged and noted for the client’s benefit.
  • Using loudspeakers installed on-site, operators can make a live voice warning command that can literally stop criminals in their tracks. Additionally, our operators are trained to engage potential customers in a manner that encourages them to return during business hours.
  • Clients can typically view live video from their own sites through remote services, as well as in their office. Video is recorded continuously and cycles out after about 30 days.
  • Typically, the client can contact their assigned operators by phone or text. Authorized employees can notify your operators by text or call, when they are coming on site or if a customer is coming after hours.

Combining the best technology with the most experienced people, we provide client-tailored security monitoring. Our high-performance service and products are customized and built for each site, enabling us to meet the needs of a wide range of sites and industries.

Option 1 - Basic Monitoring

This system sends a text alert to our operator who is also visually watching for alerts (snapshots) from your cameras. Whenever your camera detects motion, a snapshot is taken. Your operator is continually examining the images to determine if further action is required. If required, this includes viewing the live feed from your cameras, notification to designated persons, the police, or speaking to the persons via our audio function add-on. Your system is automatically checked each day to verify camera connectivity. Only events that result in a notification are logged and noted. You will be notified via text/email through our INA Alert software solution.

Option 2 - Advanced Monitoring

This option has all the features of our basic monitoring service, plus our operator will always check live video from your cameras upon notification of an event from your system, in order to aid in deciding if any further action might be needed. Events are logged and noted. Your staff and employees may text your assigned operator, advising them of known and expected activity, providing an additional level of confidence. If requested, our operator can send a text/email to your staff. With the audio add-on, your operator will engage in ‘friendly talk’ with people on foot. With the two-way audio option, your operator can hear sounds from your site, which can help them assess the situation.


Audio (one-way) Our operator speaks live to people through loudspeakers.
Audio (two-way) Our operator speaks to people on the ground and can also listen to sounds from your facility.

 INA Alert Remote Video Monitoring Service 


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