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Indoor & Outdoor Units

What if you have a critical device that you simply have to know has power?  What happens if the power fails? Or your backup generator fails to kick in? Do you have the manpower to have someone physically watch the device 24x7?

Using INA Alert's Power Failure Alerts, you and your team will receive a text alert when the power fails and then when it is restored! Our custom service utilizes our acclaimed messaging software to allow an unlimited list of recipients.  Our technical staff watches and monitors your device and gives personalized tech support to you and your team.

The unit uses four alkaline batteries to assure text-sending capability when power is out.

Make sure you select the correct unit for outdoor use. It comes in a protective box that can keep the texting unit safe. This one is for indoor/protected areas only.

NOTE: The first year's texting subscription is included in the price. The following years are just $99 for the entire year!

Reliable power failure and reestablishment messages help prevent property damage before it occurs!  Imagine your team being notified when the power fails at a critical place in your home or business. 

When the power fails, the unit remains powered with inexpensive alkaline batteries. Using the reliable Verizon network, the unit sends a text message to our acclaimed messaging software. That message is then relayed to your team as you see fit. 

Even better, when the backup generator comes online, or the power is restored, another text is placed in the queue. You can know with confidence that power is available to your devices.

This service is suitable for many industries, and we provide both indoor- and outdoor-use models. Built robust and dependable, this service can provide something that is in short supply these days: peace of mind.

​ ​INA Power Failure Alerting Service