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INA alert has rapidly become an industry innovator in Security & Surveillance Technology. Beginning by creating remote location systems, the company has quickly expanded into building systems that can bridge locations more than 3 miles apart. INA has the ability to use the local internet and eliminate monthly costs for their clients.

The remote camera system was the first introduction into security technology. INA provides Drilling Rigs with remote camera connections throughout the Plains States. This allowed owners and operators to remotely observe their rigs with real time video and recording for accident prevention. INA also provides surveillance for offices and equipment yards. The added protection of a security and surveillance system on any location that contacts the customer in real time has provided a sense of safety to INA’s users. Innovative technology solutions and high grade industrial equipment have made INA a leading innovator and competitive in the security and surveillance world.Type your paragraph here.

Plug & Play is an easy to use camera system designed for remote locations. It can be set-up wherever it is necessary and moved from one location to the next. Available in 1 camera or 2 camera systems.

Features and benefits include:

Remote monitoring
IP network camera
3G/4G wireless cellular connection
6500 ft motion detection
32GB of memory
Motion activated light and text alerts

*Requires 110v

*Solar Options Available*

Customer List:

Jill Suchy

Southwind Drilling

Ellinwood KS

(620) 564-3800