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Exit Watch

What is an extra set of eyes on your exit doors worth? Exit Watch is a service provided by INA alert Monitoring. We provide Remote Video Monitoring by watching all the exits in your facility and informing you of anyone trying to exit.

There are 3 great reasons to look at adding this to your facility: 

1) Resident safety this will be a great tool to help watch for possible ELOPEMENT, every facilities nightmare.

2) Staff Protection In these days of upset spouses and boy/girl friends, this will allow you to know who is coming and going when you may be out of the building.

3) Facility Oversight You can't be everywhere in the building all the time and you can't be in the building all the time, this will give you the comfort to know someone is watching the comings and goings in your building. 

As an integrator with over a decade of healthcare experience, INA Alert is a trusted partner to meet your staff, resident, and facility safety needs.

Access Control to protect your staff, residents, property and assets. Access Control can integrate with our camera and messaging solutions. 

Reliable HD video recording to protect your residents, staff and facility.

Nurse Call and Wander Management Solutions can be a wired or wireless solution.  With up to date technology, we can ensure your nurse call and wander management solutions will meet needs for years go come.

Remote Exit Watch monitoring service provides an additional set of eyes on your exits and immediate notification of someone leaving that should not.

INA Alert Custom Software Improves staff communication for better resident care.