Plug & Play is an easy to use camera system designed for remote locations. It can be set-up wherever it is necessary and moved from one location to the next. Available in 1 camera or 2 camera systems.

Features and benefits include:

Remote monitoring
IP network camera
3G/4G wireless cellular connection
6500 ft motion detection
32GB of memory
Motion activated light and text alerts

*Requires 110v

*Solar Options Available*


Job Site and Equipment Yard Protection.

Our home in Construction was provided by our ability to help provide remote surveillance for job sites. With the capacity to have multiple systems accessed through our web portal, we have an advantage over other systems. 

Companies also like our systems for their equipment yards. The ease of theft at equipment locations allows them to be easy targets. INA's system allows the user to be notified from the location and also produces time stamped images that allow for multiple users to receive the information.

Customer References:

Emporia KS

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