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Contract Recipiant

Plug & Play is an easy to use camera system designed for remote locations. It can be set-up wherever it is necessary and moved from one location to the next. Available in 1 camera or 2 camera systems.

Features and benefits include:

Remote monitoring
IP network camera
3G/4G wireless cellular connection
6500 ft motion detection
32GB of memory
Motion activated light and text alerts

*Requires 110v

*Solar Options Available*


INA Alert provides Farms, Ranches, COOP's, Feedlots, and Livestock Sales Companies with custom, state of the art security and surveillance. Use the system to keep an eye on cattle, fuel, drive ways, or the shop where you keep those certain valuables. 

The added protection of a security and surveillance system on any location that contacts the customer in real time has provided a sense of safety to INA’s users. Innovative technology solutions, high grade industrial equipment, and no monthly costs have made INA a leading innovator and competitive in the security and surveillance world.

​​The remote camera system was the first introduction into security technology. Initially INA is able to provide farmers and ranchers a system to protect multiple locations including water wells, irrigation pivots, and cattle pins. If no power is present, systems pair with a solar option and have a completely portable system that lets them check on their locations and deters theft from remote pastures and cattle pins. 

Customer References:

Broady Peak 

Emporia Livestock Sales Co.

Emporia KS


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-- Randy, Argonia, KS Farmer