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Contract Recipiant

We are a woman-owned family first company. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality and service but with a home town feel. 

Who is INA alert?

INAalert, Inc is a Kansas based corporation producing high quality solutions to meet real-life problems across a multitude of industries. Our solutions have been developed with knowledge of the real world.

Our acclaimed messaging software keeps your staff or group informed using technology that they use everyday, their cell phone. Starting in healthcare, schools and events, our INAalert messaging solution is now in daily use across numerous industries. Anywhere there is a need for getting information out to staff or volunteers

Our HD quality surveillance camera systems are custom designed and built to meet your needs. Now we have added true active monitoring for those locations who want the security of a guard without the limits and high cost a a human guard.

Our friendly Kansas based staff is always ready to assist in any way. Answering questions from the most simple to the complex is our goal.

Give us a call at (620) 566-3050 or stop by and see us in Ellinwood, KS.